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Creative North 2018 Summit

  • Creative North 10 Langelinie København Ø, 2100 Denmark (map)

All Creative North agencies are invited to attend our 2018 Summit Friday January 19th at Langelinie Pavillionen in Copenhagen.

The main purpose of the event is to co-create a Nordic showreel that will serve as a reference point in our joint endeavour to promote Nordic creativity - the process proving how deeply collaboration runs in the Nordics.  

All Network agencies participating can submit works with the chance to be included in the showreel. You find all the information you need to submit your cases below.

Send a mail to to confirm your participation.

NEW deadline for RSVP and submissions is Wednesday January 10th*


9.00              Breakfast and registration

9.30              Welcome and showreel case selection brief

9.45              Showreel case selection part 1 “rough sorting”

11.00             Lunch

12.00             Showreel case selection part 2 “final selection”

13.00             Screening of showreel cases

13.30             Storyline brief

13.45             Storyline workshop

15.00             Coffee break

15.20             Demo video brief

15.30             Demo video workshop

16.45             Presentation and selection of storyline and demo video

17.30             Grand Finale with showreel demo screening and drinks

18.00            Dinner

Following a short welcome by Network Chairman Jakob Stigler we split up into smaller cross-Nordic groups based on the number of participants and cases submitted for our showreel. The first half of the day we work together to select the cases we want to be part of our showreel. Secondly, following a screening of the selected cases, each group has to draft a story line inspired by the cases portraying key Nordic values. Consequently groups go creative and edit a short demo video using the selected cases and the story line they have drafted. Finally each group present their idea in plenum and we vote to choose the best storyline and demo video. The chosen storyline and video will be passed on to the production company who will produce the final showreel. It’s going to be tough, but fun. We will get to know each other, share experiences and ideas and discuss what defines Nordic creativity.


The criteria for submitting work are simple, but please look through them. Likewise uploading is easy, but please follow the instructions.


·       You can submit up to 3 cases

·       Only case videos can be uploaded

·       Case videos may date back to Jan. 1st 2015 at the earliest

·       You submit your best work, but it does not have to be award nominated or -winning

Most importantly cases have to reflect their Nordic DNA. We have shaped 5 broad themes, each reflecting unique Nordic properties. Your case has to fit with at least two of these themes. The themes serve as inspiration for the final selection of cases and for us to form an unforgettable storyline for our showreel*


1.      Cooperation and trust: In the Nordics we build genuine relationships and this shows in our work. Anti-hierarchical flat structures lead to smooth work processes where the collective comes before the individual. Our honesty make Nordic agencies great partners when helping companies create purpose.

2.     Truly global outlook: We are too small to be local, but we can bring local, closeness and togetherness to a global scale.

3.     Cultural insight: Cultural insight and open-mindedness is without a doubt a driving force in Nordic creativity.

4.     Compassion, tolerance and equality: We are nurtured by an egalitarian culture and heritage. We are human centric and deliver empathy driven work. From people to people.

5.     Authenticity and fearlessness: We are not afraid of breaking boundaries. Nordic work is characterised by it's imagination, ingenuity and inventiveness.


Our new partner digital frontrunner INNX is letting us use their INNX Hub, where you can upload your case videos:

Go to:

Log in with:
Password: submitcn

1.      Log in with the above username and password

2.     Choose the collection Creative North

3.     Click the upload arrow

4.     Use finder and drag and drop your files

5.     Click the upload button

6.     Add tags separated with comma and remember to click apply changes. Please tag Agency, Case Title, Client + Themes (minimum 2 themes). Here are the theme tags matching the themes above: Cooperation, Global outlook, Cultural insight, Compassion, Authenticity.

Upload low-resolution case videos in mp4 or MOV (YouTube format). Do not upload heavy files and raw material, because we have to be able to work with all the videos via Wi-Fi at our summit January 19th.

If you have any questions contact Creative North Project Lead Cecilie S. Bie Levy: 6071 0643

*Last minute cancellations will be charged a 450 DKK fee.

The event is sponsored by Oath.