WHY CREative north

The Creative North network aims to create common grounds across the industry, where competitors can work together, learning and lifting the potential of the entire Nordic region. Collaboration and openness is part of our Nordic DNA and with Creative North we will embrace the full potential of our unique approach to creativity.

The Nordic creative approach is unique! We are explorers, rebels, first movers and innovators. We offer a special brand of creativity rooted in a rich history and culture of trust, equality and tolerance. Craftsmanship, simplicity, aesthetics, diversity, storytelling and whimsical approach are key to our creativity. We believe in building genuine relationships based upon honesty and fearlessness. The lack of hierarchies enables openness, smooth, fast and fun processes, where people come first. Combined with a truly global outlook it is the perfect environment for creative problem solving that bring people and brands closer together and it enables us to deliver value for money in any currency.


Creative North is rooted in the shared vision of a group of industry leaders. They have talked, travelled and collaborated to gain a shared understanding of Nordic creativity and make Creative North a reality since 2015, where the Network was founded at an AOL, now Oath, hosted event at the Majestic in Cannes.

Oath Nordics has sponsored all Creative North network activities until now including a Creative North Project Lead and the official Launch in Cannes co-hosted by TV 2 Denmark. Moving forward Oath Nordics will continue to play an important role as partner and sponsor along side new partners and sponsors.




Tobias Nordstrom
Planning partner
at Forsman & Bodenfors


Toni Tiusanen
CEO, Planner and Self-Made Superhero
at Bob the Robot

Hallvard Fjeldbraaten
Partner & Creative at Anorak
- a part of The North Alliance

Jakob Stigler
Founder of Mano

Jesper Laumand
Managing Director, 
Oath Nordics


Karolus Viitala
Strategy Director
at Bob the Robot


Kim jong Andersen
Founder of JONG, Digital and
Creative Strategy and Headhunting


Kristian Kristiansen
CEO & Partner



Digge Zetterberg
Director of Talent and Marketing
at Making Waves

Esben Ehrenreich
Creative Director
at Nørgård Mikkelsen Copenhagen

Lars Samuelsen
Strategy Lead
at Grey Group EMEA

Mathias Birkvad
Managing Director
at CP+B Copenhagen


Mikael Nemeschansky
Creative Director
at hasan & partners

Petronella Panerus
at Åkestam Holst

Søren Christensen
Partner & Client Service Director
at Robert/Boisen & Like-minded

Rasmus Mikkelsen
Head of Creative Media
at Oath Nordics